Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lars von Trier: Danish People's Party responsible for Utøya

Breivik listed Lars von Triers "Dogville" as one of his favourite films and was thus attacked by cultural marxists. To divert from his own problems, he just accused the Danish People's Party of being directly responsible for Breiviks attack on Utøya:
Von Trier pointed a finger squarely at the party’s leader Pia Kjærsgaard for her role in stirring up prejudice against Muslims and foreigners. It was not the first time in the wake of the July 22 terror attacks in Norway that the tone of Denmark’s politics was examined
"I think there is a direct line from Pia Kjærsgaard’s view of humanity to Utøya,” von Trier said. “One must demand that Kjærsgaard step forward and take her share of the responsibility for what happened in Norway.”
Thanks, Mister von Trier, you stupid piece of cultural marxist shit. Grow some balls and fight your own battles.

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