Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Utøya survivor: "Know that you failed, Anders Breivik"

16 year old Ivar Benjamin Oesteboe wrote on Facebook:
Dear Anders Behring Breivik,
You describe yourself as a hero, as a knight. You are no her. But one thing is certain, you have created heroes. On Utoya on that warm July day, you created some of the greatest heroes the world has seen, you united the people of the world.
We are not responding to evil with evil as you wanted. We are fighting evil with good. And we are winning.

"Maybe you think you've won. Maybe you think you've destroyed the Labour Party and people around the world who stand for a multicultural society by killing my friends and fellow party members. Know that you failed.
You have united us ... You have killed my friends, but you have not killed our cause, our opinion, our right to express ourselves. Muslim women have been hugged by Norwegian women in the street in sympathy ... Your act has worked against its purpose. We have created a community.
You deserve to hear how your plan worked. A lot of people are angry, you are Norway's most hated man. I am not mad. I am not afraid of you. You can't get to us, we are bigger than you. And we are winning.
This young man still has a lot to learn, but at sixteen your world probably still is small and coloured in black and white. In an additional 16 years, when Oesteboe reaches Breiviks current age, there will be more Muslims in Norway than there are Norwegians. He will be part of a MINORITY. And the muslim majority will most likely not think of it as a single community. Hasn't he noticed that his own Labour Party is already heavily infiltrated by muslims? Doesn't he know how many problems muslims already created for other countries in europe? Utøya was supposed to be a youth summer camp for the parties next "elite" members. If people like Oesteboe are the "elite" of Norways leading party, I'm afraid they're already completely lost. Breivik was right.

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